USA Cup Series #2 Midwest Kettlebell Sport Open 2018 Saturday, July 21 at 10 AM EDT

USA Cup Series #2 Midwest Kettlebell Sport Open 2018 Saturday, July 21 at 10 AM EDT

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All information including registration, schedule and hotel can be found here:

USA Cup Series #2.

Midwest Regional Kettlebell Sport Open, 
Kettlebell FACE-OFF, Vintage Strength Game and IKMF Marathon are included.

Classic Kettlebell Sport $90
Kettlebell FACE OFF – $60
Vintage Strength – $60
IKMF Marathon – $60


There are 2 formats for official competitions:

In both cases, if an athlete puts the kettlebell down before the time is over, he is disqualified.

Both events are done with a single kettlebell and multiple (unlimited) hand switch.

There are 4 disciplines for competition events to chose from:

Long Cycle
Half snatch
Age is calculated according to the athlete’s year of birth, NOT the actual birthday.

There 7 age groups:

Junior 1 (U15): up to 14 (up to national competition level only)
Junior 2 (U19): 15-18
Open division: 19-39
Veteran 1: 40-49
Veteran 2: 50-59
Veteran 3: 60-69
Veteran 4: 70+
Athletes are always allowed compete in the open division at their own risk and decision

There are 2 weight divisions for juniors U15:

-45, +45kg for girls
-55, +55kg for boys
There are 3 weight divisions for all other athletes (U19 to veterans):

-60, 60-70, +70kg for women
-75, 75-85, +85kg for men


Vintage Strength is a separate event, created for purpose of bridging the gap between fitness enthusiasts and Kettlebell Sport.

Traditional Mace or Gada

In this event, the lifter will complete as many repetitions as possible in 5 minutes without putting the mace down.The lifter will start with the mace on the floor and either throw or swing the club up to start. A complete repetition includes a swing to to the left and one to the right (or vice versa) to achieve one point. A swing to only one side achieves .5 point. The lifter has to reverse the swing when the mace head is over their shoulder, both on the left and the right sides. The lifter has to aim for a non-stop continuous flowing movement without rests or breaks. The count is given when the mace comes to a complete lockout in front of the body and the hands reach the belly button. Hands not reaching the belly button (chest Swing) will result in stop set. The lifter must also complete a full back swing with the hands reaching behind the head, if the lifter doesn’t complete the back swing than no point awarded but may continue to lift.


We are pleased to introduce Kettlebell FACE-OFF Challenge – an exciting kettlebell lifting format in which individuals and teams compete head-to-head in a test of speed, stamina and strategy. Look for it at all AKA-sponsored events in the U.S. beginning later this year.

Individuals and teams will compete in one of three divisions – professional, amateur or veteran. Kettlebell weights will be assigned based on an athlete’s body weight and the division in which they are competing. The goal is simple: earn more points than your opponent in a timed three-exercise set.

Kettlebell FACE-OFF Tournament
Head-to-head competition in a bracket format
Athletes perform three lifts – long cycle, jerk and snatch
The time interval for each lift can be set between 1-3 minutes, with short breaks between lifts
For local events, the time intervals and brackets will be established following weigh-in
A national bracket with stages throughout the year also will be created

ABOUT Classic Kettlebell Sport Rules and regulations:

Competition will be held under the classic rules and regulations of American Kettlebell Alliance with shared weight categories.

Goals & Objectives

-Development of Girevoy Sport
– Strengthening friendship between nations &building strong cooperation in sport
-Development of sport mastership, exchange of experience, establishing strongest athletes between adults and seniors in Girevoy Sport
-Sport is for healthy living & without age limits!

Organizational Committee of Championship:

American Kettlebell Alliance Inc. (AKA) together with IUKL (International Union of Kettlebell Lifting) and Health Factory LLC
AKA President –Yuri Petunovs
Secretary- Valeriya Minina
Head Judge – Mike Sherman
Contact: Yuri Petunovs +1-203-572-3959


Individuals in the following age groups:
Juniors – up to 22 y.o.
Adults – Men and Women up to 50 y.o.
Veterans – Men and Women 50+ y.o. as of the day of the competition


Men and Women
Juniors, Adults and Veterans
Time – in accordance with the international standards – 10 min for each exercise.

Men: Biathlon, Long Cycle, Snatch, One arm Long Cycle
Women: Snatch, One Arm Long Cycle, One arm Biathlon, Two arm Long Cycle, Two arm Biathlon.

Kettlebell weight:

Men: -Beginner – 16 kg, 20 kg; – Amateur – 24 kg, 28 kg; – Professionals – 32 kg
Women: -Beginner-8 kg, 12 kg; -Amateur – 16 kg, 20 kg; – Professionals – 24 kg, 28 kg

Weight categories

Men: up to 63 кg; up to 73 кg; up to 85 кg; up to 85+ kg; up to 95 kg; 95+ kg.
Men Veterans: up to 63 кg; up to 73 кg; up to 85 кg; 85+ kg; up to 95 kg; 95+ kg.
Women: up to 58 кg; up to 68 кg; 68 + кg.
Women Veterans: up to 58 кg; up to 68 кg; 68 + кg

This Championship is conducted under the rules of AKA and IUKL with amendments & changes valid in effect as of the day of the competition.
Winners will be determined by summing up of points in disciplines.
Points count:
Jerk -1 point
Snatch- 0.5 point
Long Cycle -1 point
In Biathlon – total result is sum of points of jerk & snatch.

1st place will be awarded with a medals & certificates.
2nd and 3rd places will be awarded with medals & certificates.
Absolute winners in each group will be awarded with Trophy.

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