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Feel like you accomplished something

You get a hard work out that makes you feel like you accomplished something by the end of the class. You’ll see progress in strength, flexibility, endurance. Jamie has real passion for kettle bell. She brings that passion in and out of class, She motivates you to make fitness a priority and to try your hardest .The class is fun and it varies so you don’t get bored. You’re never a number she cares about you.

Part of my new year’s resolution to get healthier

I started attending Jamie’s kettlebells classes in January as a new year’s resolution to get healthier and she had me hooked from the first class. She has a gift for teaching and her love of the sport shines through and enables her to be a great instructor. Classes are well planned, always different and push you to your limits. Jamie offers optional movements/substitutions for those that are new to the sport or have an injury they are working around. The hour class goes by very quickly and is always enjoyable. At the end of class I know that with Jamie’s instruction and encouragement that I have given my workout everything I have. Jamie makes working out fun and I look forward to every class.
Jessica Barnaby
-Caledonia, MI

Adapted to each individual’s abilities, fitness or health goals

Ballistic bells kettle bell classes are an awesome way to improve over all fitness, strength, and cardiovascular health. The classes incorporate many movements which can be adapted to each individual’s abilities and fitness or health goals. The instructor is fabulous and motivated to help you achieve your fitness potential.
Luanne Shaw

I learn something new each class

I’ve attended Jamie’s class for over a year now and I can honestly say I learn something new each class. Jamie challenges us to reach our full potential and motivates us to push us to our fitness goals. I’ve had two kidney transplants and I never would have thought I could compete in a kettlebell competition but Jamie believed in me and I did it. I am stronger than I ever could have imagined and I actually can see my muscles! I promote kettlebell to everyone I know because no matter what age, size or shape you are, you can make it work for your fitness needs. I have never been a runner, weight lifter or biker but kettlebell is something I can do without hurting my joints. I often get bored with fitness classes but with Jamie you never know if you are going to swing a sandbag, do dragon lunges or do a glove snatch. I also love the ladies who attend the classes. We have a great time and support each other. Even if it’s your first day of class, the class participants encourage, assist and share tips during class. Kettlebell changed my life for the better and I have Jamie to thank for that. People ask me what I do to keep in shape and I let them know about the cardiac and strength benefits of kettlebell. And if they are local, I recommend Jamie’s class. It’s addictive in a good way!
Julie Mavis

Thanks for being a great instructor!

I tried Jamie’s kettlebell class (a bit reluctantly) for the first time in the spring of 2014 after I had to give up running due to a long-term injury. Under Jamie’s watchful eye (she’s constantly critiquing poor form to spare her students potential injury), I have swung the bells tens of thousands of times without causing further irritation to my injury. I am especially impressed with Jamie’s ability to manage her classes in such a way that “veteran” lifters are actively working towards their goals while “newbies” receive the extra instructions/attention they need to successfully try out kettlebell for the first time. Jamie does an exceptional job of meeting athletes where they are in terms of their personal fitness level and goals. If you’re thinking about trying out kettlebell, Jamie’s class is an excellent place to do so. I, for one, am so grateful for another avenue to pursue physical fitness with a group of fun-loving athletes!

She is supportive, encouraging and believes in you more than you believe in yourself.

Jamie has been my kettlebell trainer and coach for more than a year now. I have gained more strength and confidence than I could have ever imagined in that year, and it’s all thanks to her. She is supportive, encouraging and believes in you more than you believe in yourself. A year ago, I could barely make it through class with the lightest bell. Today, I’m comfortably using 12kg bells during her one-hour classes, and am moving up in my competition training.
Leah Twilley

I’m now addicted to Kettle Bells

Hello my name is Patty Balczak, aka Patty 2.0 and I’m addicted to Kettle Bells, but it did not start that way. I belong to the same gym that Jamie holds her classes at. On several occasions throughout a year’s time, Jamie would ask me to join the class and I always said No Thank You and would continue my 1 to 1-1/2 hour workouts using the gym equipment. One day she saw me in the gym and I told her I was working on trading in my pony keg for a six pack. Jamie told me, that Kettle Bells would help me achieve that. I informed Jamie that I whine and complain a lot. Jamie stated I would fit right in. So the chapter begins. It was a Wednesday night class, aka Kettle Butt class with lots of squats and after class Jamie had us use these things called foam rollers and said it helps with sore muscles. After my first class I was so sore, I could barely walk for two days. I thought to myself, I have been working out 5-6 times a week on the gym equipment and never felt like this before. Therefore, those Kettle Bells must be working muscles that the gym equipment doesn’t. So, I thought I would continue with the Kettle Bells and see what happens. I ordered a foam roller and wrist guards after my second class through Jamie. She is able to get these items at a lower cost, then if I were to buy them myself at a store. A few things that really impressed me about Jamie and her classes was that she would lug several bells and foam rollers to every single class. Not only would Jamie bring extra water for people trying her class, she also had spare wrist guards as well so people could decide if this class was for them. This way they can try the class and see if they want to continue. I also learned that all the Kettle Bells in the gym are Jamie’s, but she leaves them there for everybody to use. Wow, who does this? Spends their own money on equipment for others to use!! The commitment and passion Jamie has for the Kettle Bell sport is evident and that passion is portrayed daily. Jamie always has new ideas and routines for us to do in class. Every single class is a different experience. Jamie is continually giving positive reinforcement to everybody on a daily basis. I started with the 6 Kg Kettle Bell and now I am working with the 12Kg Kettle Bell. I still do not have my six pack, but that is because I like pizza and have a sweet tooth. I still am sore for 2 days after the Wednesday class. However, I am much stronger and have gain substantial muscle in my arms and legs using the Kettle Bells. I stopped using the other gym equipment after my second Kettle Bell class. I still whine and complain at class but I am thankful for Jamie and her commitment to making each individual a better version of themselves.
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